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Kitchen OrganizerΒ 

β€’Introducing our Two-Layer Clear Plastic Egg Tray, a durable and versatile solution for egg kitchen storage. This innovative egg storage container is designed to hold up to 36 eggs of any size, ensuring that your eggs are safely stored and easily accessible.

β€’The unique feature of this 2-layer egg tray is its automatic forward-sliding mechanism. As you remove eggs from the tray, the remaining eggs will automatically slide forward, allowing for convenient access to the back of the tray without the need to manually rearrange them for perfect kitchen storage.

β€’Crafted from high-quality, clear plastic material, this egg tray offers excellent visibility, allowing you to quickly assess the quantity and condition of your eggs at a glance. The two-layer design maximizes storage capacity while minimizing the amount of space required. It is a space-saving solution that will help you optimize your refrigerator or pantry space.

β€’Assembly is simple and hassle-free. Stack the two layers together, and the tray is ready. The tray's dimensions have been carefully measured to provide a proper fit for all eggs, ensuring they are securely held in place during storage and transportation.


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